Papel Picado (Paper Cutting) is a traditional Mexican craft well known for its intricate and colorful designs. The Spanish brought the technique to Mexico, where it was refined and further developed.


Students will learn three different techniques:

1) SCISSORS (Children and adults)

Students will cut two or three simple designs just with scissors. At the end we will glue the banners onto string, so students can take home ready to be hung.

2) EXACTO KNIFE (Only for adults)

Students will choose one simple design and cut it out to make beautiful greeting cards (3 cards). Students will also learn how to make the envelopes for cards.

3) HAMMERS AND CHISELS (only for adults)

Students will take turns practicing the technique and then building on that with cutouts that can be added to their custom banners.


The workshop will last 4 hours which will include set up, breakdown, clean up.