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Adults Grieving the Death of a Parent

Adults expect their parents to precede them in death, but the reality of this event can be jolting. Even when parents are advanced in age or have suffered from a long illness, their deaths can have a more profound and far-reaching impact than most adults anticipate.

Children Who Grieve

Children between seven and eleven years of age begin to understand the finality of death. Sometimes they perceive it as a punishment and something that happens to others, but not to oneself.

Coping Through the Holidays

When you’ve lost a loved one, the holiday season can be an especially painful time. The emptiness left after losing someone you care about can be felt most poignantly during this time of celebration and family closeness.

Dealing with Death in the Workplace

If you are employed with a company long enough, there is a high probability that you will experience the death of a co-worker or the death of a co-worker’s family member. There is often uncertainty about what to do during these times and how to assist in the grief process.

Death as a Part of Life

Death…is the end of the life cycle. It’s natural; it’s inevitable. Every cell that makes up the human body eventually ages, wears out and dies. Death is part of life; it’s part of life’s complexity and wonderment.

Honoring a Loved One’s Memory

The death of a loved one brings the realization that life will never be the same. For those left behind, this is a time of transition from one stage of life to another, a time of finding renewed meaning and purpose. During this time of transition, rituals can be a powerful source of strength and comfort.

Myths and Truths

Myths are widely held beliefs that have no foundation in fact. However over time, they can become accepted as “truth.” Myths can negatively affect one’s grief journey by providing unrealistic information and expectations.

One Day at a Time

The grief journey involves reconciliation. Reconciliation is the process of learning how to develop a new self-identity based on a life without your loved one.

The Death of a Child

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the death of a child recently or many years ago, a child’s death is one of the most painful losses suffered in life. Losing a child defies the natural order of life and brings consuming pain to parents.

The Death of a Pet

The death of a beloved pet can feel as devastating as the death of a beloved human family member or friend. Since research shows that the majority of pet owners consider their pets as treasured members of their own family, the death of these cherished companions can be difficult and challenging.
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