Our free webinar will be on Tuesday, September 13th from 12 – 1 PM – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Grieving Children, Grieving Families Webinar – presentation by Jade Richardson Bock, Executive Director of the Children’s Grief Center, and co-author of Parenting Through Grief with Dr. Craig Pierce.

Raising kids has always been a balancing act. When someone in the family dies, however, everyone’s world is turned upside down. Getting through the pain of your own loss while attending to your children’s needs, who are also grieving, is an incredible challenge.

Parenting Through Grief provides a framework for how to navigate parenting in the shadow of loss. With simple strategies to help you connect with your family during this difficult and painful time, Parenting Through Grief provides the comfort of knowing you can still parent with confidence and love.

Grieving Children, Grieving Families webinar attendees will receive a free copy of Parenting Through Grief.