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Grief Resource Center Opens to Support People in Grief

March 30, 2017

The recently opened Grief Resource Center is helping others remake their lives after loss. Its Mission Statement is incredibly simple: “Lighting the pathways to healing through understanding, encouragement and hope.” But the delivery of its Mission is as complex and diverse as the population it serves. Located in Albuquerque in the former fleet storage area […]

Funeral home offers on-site grief counseling

July 11, 2016

Nowhere is grief more palpable than at a funeral home, as families and friends say goodbye to loved ones. Of course, the grief doesn’t end when the funeral does, and that’s why French Funerals and Cremations is building a first-of-its-kind on-site Grief Resource Center staffed by a full time grief counselor. Linda H. Phelps was brought […]