A Letter From Our Chairman

The Grief Resource Center (GRC) was created and it has served to help any and all who may be grieving for multiple reasons. These can include the death of a loved one, serious health matters, divorce, loss of one’s job, other major life transitions and more. We recognized that establishing a Center would enhance helping people reach “pathways to healing” through partnerships with other organizations and professionals in the field; as well as to provide access to peer-to-peer support groups; training; workshops; seminars and short-term individual counseling sessions. This multi-faceted approach established the broadest possible base, along with the greatest ranges of support services for both individuals and families—allowing each one to pursue a pathway to healing that was tailored for their respective customs, traditions, beliefs and needs

In addition, the GRC has established a formal relationship with the Office of Medical Investigation (OMI) and, in this role, we serve as one of their contract counseling entities. This means we are recognized as a counseling center that can serve families who are experiencing trauma-based grief—grief often associated with sudden and/or tragic losses.

In much the same way, we have a formal relationship and strong partnership with the Children’s Grief Center, thereby, between both organizations, we are able to serve entire family units as needs arise.

Utilizing an array of partnerships, the GRC is maturing to become a statewide resource by way of contract partnerships with professionals in local communities. This network of professionals includes UNM’s Health Sciences resources providing an expanding capability to serve families and individuals throughout New Mexico over time. Thus it is our goal to be a key resource, through professional partners, who help “light pathways to healing”for those who are grieving—and strengthen their respective capabilities to find hope for the reasons we call this state: “The Land of Enchantment.”

-Duffy Swan

Thank You To Our Valued Sponsors Who Make Our Work Possible