A Tribute to our Founder Linda Phelps

The visionary or founder of any organization that makes deep and lasting impacts on the lives of individuals and families it serves also leaves a special imprint on the organization that remains—even after that founder is no longer part of it.  Dr. Linda Phelps was (and is) that kind of visionary-founder for the Grief Resource Center. During her many years as a professional counselor, she recognized that there were significant numbers of people who were experiencing various forms of grief as they dealt with major life transitions.  These included loss of loved ones, but also other critical life changes such as the loss of one’s job or a major change in a family member’s health, a divorce and more.

As a result, Linda presented a proposal to the owners of the French Family of Companies asking them to consider providing the seed funding to create a multi-purpose, multi-capable grief resource center.  This center would bring together a wide array of professionals, peer support groups, first responders, members of the faith-based community, hospice and others to serve this broad base of needs. In addition, this center would offer training, workshops, seminars and direct one-on-one professional support counseling for individuals and families.  

When the Grief Resource Center opened its doors in October 2016, Linda’s vision became a reality and the demand for the services offered has not ceased to grow ever since.  Her legacy continues, even after her recent retirement—and those who follow her are building on the incredible base she built for all we serve—now and in the future.

Thank You To Our Valued Sponsors Who Make Our Work Possible