The losses represented were diverse and the answers to that question were just as diverse. Each author shared from their individual grief journey and perspective. It was a time of fellowship and  of reaching out into the community to make an impact with our collective voice. 

 “I was honored to have been part of this event. I felt I was in extraordinary company, not only with the caliber of writers, but with the depth, pain and hope of the stories they had to tell.” – Patricia Conoway

“It was an honor to be one of the authors at the Grief Resource Center Book Signing. Talking with the community and listening to all the inspirational stories was truly a gift. I am grateful the Grief Resource Center exists.” – Yvonne Williams Causaus

“As an individual who is still grieving my own loss ,I felt a new sense of hope witnessing the wealth of energy and support materials the other authors brought and shared that I had no idea existed.” – Michelle Anderson 

“I think we all need to hear other people’s stories to know none of us are alone in our losses and grief, and it helps to share and meet people who are and have written about grief in ways that maybe we have not thought about.  I hope there will be more of these opportunities.  Thank you so much.”  – Trish Miller

“I was enlightened and educated about the varied types of pain that people experience in war, in suicide, in Alzheimer’s, in traumatic accidents, and other unexpected or chronic death experiences.”- Joyce Gilbert

These books are available in local bookstores or on Amazon. 

  •  Daring to Love – Loss as a Way of Awakening – Michelle Anderson
  • All the Trees – haiku and other poems – Chandra Bales
  • Parenting Through Grief – Jade Bock
  • Listening with My Eyes – Patricia Conoway
  • Who Gets Amy’s Room?  – Jacie Coryell
  • Don’t Cry for Me – Joyce Gilbert
  • Sunshadows – Terranda King
  • War Child:  Lessons Learned from Growing Up in War – Jacqueline Loring
  • Fresh Breezes Blow – Patricia Miller
  • Oasis Journal 2017 – The Older Gentleman:  The Gentle Man – Linda Phelps
  • My Mother’s Gentle Unbecoming – Dan Wetmore
  • A Drop of Water:  A Spiritual Journey – Yvonne Williams-Causaus
  • I Still Believe – Desiree Woodland