I have always had pets and they have all been very important to me. With their unique personalities and antics, animals have always brought a smile.

It is a lot different since my son, Josh, passed away. I remember my Mom asking me many thousands of times during my youth, “Are you okay?”  I do this now with my Golden Retriever, Abbey. I seem to have to ask if she is okay. For some reason, I do this several times a day.

On my dark days, Abbey is never very far away. She will jump on the couch and sit next to me. But it is not just the sitting, she will lean into me so we are touching. If there are tears, she will lick them away and won’t leave until she knows I am okay. Our bond is so much stronger than it was before Josh’s passing, and I know she understands my grief.

There are times when I will get down on the floor with Abbey and she will wrap her front arms around my neck and she will stay like that for as long as I need her to.  However, she does not let me just lie around and feel bad all the time. When she thinks I have had enough of feeling sad, she brings a toy for me to throw and does not give up until I get up and play.

I love to feel her warmth and gentleness. Abbey has  a way of looking at me with a knowing look. It’s that connection that makes me wonder, how does she know?

She just does.

Sandy S.